Inbound Sales

The Internet has given your customers more choices, more information and more reasons to put off a buying decision. That’s why Fusion has blazed new trails in rethinking the field of telesales.

More than consultative selling, Fusion agents master the skills of listening and asking tie-down questions, allowing your customers to put the facts together in their own minds to confidently arrive at a purchase decision.

Fusion's inbound success starts with taking the time to understand your unique position in the marketplace. Advanced hiring methods, training efforts and quality management all work to ensure your success. Our customer acquisition services include:

- Inbound Sales

- Multilingual Sales

- Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

- Web-Based Services (Chat / Email Follow-Up)

- Lead Generation Campaigns

Come and visit Fusion's state-of-the-art contact centers in California and Nevada. You will see a company uniquely equipped to enhance your customer acquisition and retention efforts.



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