Billing Inquires

If you see a billing inquiry as a “necessary evil,” think again. Every billing-related call is your best opportunity to cement a long-term relationship: where your customer is fully invested in the conversation. That’s why Fusion has pioneered a three-step process for billing inquiries that acts as a seamless extension of your company…

Step 1: Establish Credibility. Your customers will gain confidence when they see that their Fusion agent has command of the situation. We bring extensive experience integrating with CRM systems, so our people see the pertinent facts on-screen in seconds. This eliminates the helpless feeling customers experience when an agent struggles even to understand their issue.

Step 2: Demonstrate Concern. Fusion agents bring specific experience in billing resolution to every call. Your customers quickly appreciate that they have a true advocate for their issue, which is instantly reassuring.

Step 3: Resolve with Competence. Fusion will work closely with you to find ways to empower your team of agents to provide first-call resolution of most inquiries. Your customers will also receive a thorough explanation as to why the issue was resolved the way it was. This not only enhances customer service and relationship-building, it also makes your customer communication more cost-efficient.

In all these ways, billing inquiries fit into Fusion’s larger mission of helping you build long-term relationships with your customers.



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