Fusion’s unique approach to customer contact comes to life in our agent training. The initial two week regimen leverages the key qualities identified during the hiring process that made these agents such a good fit for your campaign.

Phase 1. Identifying Personality Traits and Learning Styles
No two customers are alike. That’s why agents first learn to spot clues and ask qualifying questions to identify the essential personality traits and learning style of the customer they are helping. This leads to a highly personal conversation built around the needs of the customer.

Phase 2. Dealing with angry customers
Fusion agents gain a comprehensive skill set to deal with unhappy customers. Based on the nature of the issue, agents learn how to choose words, establish a tone and build rapport so that the customer quickly sees they have a sincere advocate working for them.

Phase 3. Personal Development
Fusion’s unique “25x 4” program sets new agents on a path toward personal growth from the moment they start their careers. The result; our agents confidently build a level of rapport with your customers – in the first few seconds of the contact – that leads to astonishing results.

By the time your agents begin working with live customers, they are fully equipped to genuinely engage and assist your customer and this is just the beginning.

On-going training:

At Fusion every agent receives a review of their performance at the 30, 60, and the 90 day mark. This effort helps to identify areas of opportunity where we can enhance their skills. Through collaboration the Training department focuses on addressing key areas of focus such as specific systems training, additional product training or soft skills training.

In addition, the Training department partners with all Operations staff to implement a S.T.E.P.S. (Striving To Empower Personal Success) program. This effort is in place to help struggling agents become top performers.

Our Training team tracks all training every employee/manager attends, thus building a “developmental profile” for each employee. We then take it one step further and we use this training tracker to determine if additional training is needed. Again, through collaboration and the constant feedback from Quality Coaches, Operations Managers and the valuable feedback received from our focus groups with the agents themselves, we are all striving to create a team of conscious competents!



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