The people talking to your customers should be people you’d like to talk to yourself. They have a spark you can sense even over the phone or on a chat conversation. You know they care.


That’s why Fusion places a high priority on community involvement. We reach out to causes throughout the area to help our people plug in. And while it’s completely voluntary, participation is remarkably high. That’s because people who enjoy reaching out to others almost always thrive in the Fusion culture -- where our purpose is to create customer conversations with meaning.


When our people achieve a sense of accomplishment in their community, that success naturally carries over to their work. Perhaps that’s why the average agent tenure at Fusion is over two years, far above the industry average.


Of course we prepare our people in many other ways -- from sales training and service skills to social networking and telecommunication technology. An intimate knowledge of your product is also essential; but at the end of the day, the most important skill we uncover in our the ability to care.

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