Your Time at Fusion

When you visit a Fusion contact center (and we hope to see you often), you will immediately notice three distinct differences from any other contact center you may have seen.

1. You spend a great deal of time on the contact center floor. Your time at Fusion will be spent experiencing as many customer interactions as possible. You can monitor calls and work with agents and management to perfect conversations and gain a greater understanding of your customer.

2. You work directly with floor supervisors. Fusion removes the management layer that often separates client and customer. You speak directly with the people working with your customers and discuss the results – good and bad.

3. You enjoy total visibility. Our centers are uniquely designed to promote complete access between you and your agents. We’ve replaced those restrictive, old-fashioned cubicles with open-air workstations that help you quickly spot agents who have a question or want to alert you to a specific call of interest.


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