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Fusion was nominated and voted #1 on the Central coast as the best company to work for in 2010!!!!

Dec 29th, 2010
Santa Maria Times
By Jennifer Best, contributing writer Wanted: hard working, hi energy, happy employees with a knack for providing positive, quality customer service. Candidates must understand modern technology, work well in a team environment and enjoy playing computer games. That’s right, Fusion Contact Centers wants their employees to know how to use modern gadgets- from smart phones to social media and employ that knowledge in the workplace. “Traditionally, there aren’t a lot of employers out there who ask potential employees if they like to play video games,” said Ryan Romero of Fusion Contact Centers. “But the business we’re in requires skills in both customer service and modern technology.” Fusion Contact Centers contracts with Fortune 1000 clients to provide customer care, technical support, billing inquiry, and customer acquisition services. Clients include businesses in various sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, travel, automotive and retail industries.

The company, with corporate offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, maintains the core of its services in the Santa Maria call centers. Some 500 employees field calls from customers around the globe with questions, concerns, orders or technical issues related to any of a number of clients offering goods from skin care products to travel opportunities. ”In order to implement one of our customer’s contracts, employees assigned to that group are required to play games during their shift. They have to like and understand how to play. It’s a business model that could have been implemented in any community with telecommunications connectivity, but it was no fluke that CEO Steve Singer chose Santa Maria. “The dynamic in Santa Maria is right for our company,” Romero said. “It’s a small community with a diversity of people we look for in our employees. We need people with a background in technical support who like to work on computers, and we need sales people with experience.” Further, Fusion Contact Centers has found they can attract very loyal employees in Santa Maria. It’s a smaller area and unemployment is high,” Romero explained. “There are lots of jobs in agriculture there, but not a lot of similar positions to what we have to offer. Provided we make it a fun environment and provide for our employees, we attract very loyal people.” Attracting potential employees to the area is also an easy sell," Romero said. “The dynamic in Santa Maria works for our model. Because it’s a small community, employees can car pool. There’s no need to commute. And a lot of our employees already know each other, get together on the weekends, and that means chances are pretty good they’re going to continue talking about work-related issues on weekends," Romero said. While that may sound to some a bit Machiavellian, that’s not the intention. “it you have challenges you’re trying to unravel at work, and you spend your weekends with friends who share the same challenges, it tends to reason that they’ll hash through the issues, maybe even solve the problems,“ Romero said. To encourage loyalty to the firm and a spirit of friendly competition among employees, Fusion Contact Centers offers annual company parties, regular competitions between employee groups, commissions, incentives and other perks. The company also gives away prizes that vary from gift cards for local businesses to laptops and gaming systems. “That’s all great stuff employees really enjoy the competition and the prizes,” Romero said. ”But what makes us a great place to work is our connection with the community.” Fusion Contact Centers is active with the Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers/ Big Sisters and the YMCA. Recently, more than 50 employees volunteered their time to partner with youth at the Boys & Girls Club’s Back a Youth night.

“In the community, there’s ample opportunity for employees to participate and give back to the community while building their team spirit,” Romero said. The friendly competition also works out well for the community. In November the two call centers were pitted against each other in a canned food drive for the Salvation Army. The prize that got the employees running? Free lunch provided by the company. “It doesn’t have to take a lot to keep your employees happy, loyal and hard working,“ Romero said.


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