Fusion Contact Centers was founded in 1999 with a vision to specialize in highly personal customer communications. Our clients come from many industries; but the common thread is their extraordinary priority on customer service.

When you visit Fusion, you will notice that the company has broken from the traditional teleservices model in several important ways:


  • All contact centers are located in easily accessible, U.S. locations. This facilitates direct personal collaboration between clients and their agents.

  • Customer issues are resolved through highly engaged conversations. Fusion agents are uniquely equipped and tasked to build deep rapport with every customer.

  • An "all in" investment in our people and the communities where we are located. Fusion enjoys one of the highest retention rates in the industry, thanks in large part to the priority we place on our people and our local communities. This stability is essential to the quality of our services.

Enjoy reliable service backed up by multiple locations. Fusion’s three locations provide redundant backup of service in the event of a technical outage. All customers can be routed to another center if there is a temporary or significant outage.

Gain close access to your customers in an open, relaxed environment. Every Fusion center features a unique layout, with wide aisles specifically designed to make it easier to roam from station to station and experience the customer interactions taking place on the floor.


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